Rebecca Blount - Recharge

Rebecca Blount 

Rebecca is the driving force behind Recharge, she is passionate about the welfare of young people and believes that all young people deserve someone to believe in them. “At Recharge our ethos is to offer opportunities and support to young people based on their individual needs so that they continue their journey into adulthood and reach their full potential.”

Gary Halpin - Recharge

Gary Halpin

Gary brings with him 31 years of experience and knowledge in business. Building on 25 years of senior level experience in the food industry working with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to start or develop their business and realise their dreams. Gary has a passionate understanding for the Recharge and gives us great support by helping to plan and develop the Recharge project.

Jackie Richards - Recharge

Jackie Richards

Jackie has over 20 years’ HR experience in all sectors and is a qualified executive coach and mentor. She set up her own business in April 2015, JR-HR Solutions, to provide advisory, training and coaching services for small businesses who don’t have the need and/or can’t afford full-time HR resources. Jackie supports and mentors Rebecca from behind the scenes, managing all HR aspects for the Recharge projects.

Richard Scott-Worthington

Richard Scott-Worthington

Richard is married with 2 daughters in their final year at University and has lived in Telford for the last 30 years. Whilst spending 3 years at Catering college and managing Hotels over the UK Richard has been a financial adviser for the last 20 years, helping his clients reach their financial Goals. As a reiki practitioner too, Richard wants to help where he can to support the community and especially the under 21’s. He started working with Recharge 12 months ago bringing different qualities to Recharge.

Louisa Morgan - Recharge

Louisa Morgan
Recovery Coordinator

Louisa is our recovery coordinator. She has been working with adults and family members who suffer with substance misuse issues for the past 2 years, whilst studying for a degree in drug and alcohol counselling and treatment at Leicester University. Upon finishing her degree, the opportunity at Recharge came up and Louisa brings a great deal of passion to her role. In her own words; ‘Having been in Recovery myself for a number of years I feel that I can pass on my wealth of Knowledge and understanding around substance misuse and addiction in all other areas of life to help contribute on the journey of abstinence for our group members.’

Megan Allen - Recharge

Megan Allen
Administration Assistant

Megan is the newest member of our team here at Recharge, along with being an admin member she is also a volunteer. She has a clear passion for helping and supporting others, this shows within her work here, she is always adding new ideas to the project. Megan brings great organisation skills and can easily relate to our group members to help them feel welcome here. She is working with us alongside undergoing an Open University degree in Law and is training in the near future to help support survivors and victims of domestic abuse. This is something that she can then transfer to help with her work here at Recharge.