We have been busy getting back into the swing of things following Christmas and New Year! We have had some new volunteers join us and a new admin member of the team as we are getting busier by the day, we love to see new faces through our door!
The team is planning for lots of interesting and important training for our volunteers. We have lots to offer our volunteers here at Recharge. Along with hands on experience of working and helping with the team we have lots of great training opportunities. These can be used in all areas of life one they have been achieved, they are transferrable skills that can be used in a wide range of careers. This is something we are looking forward to throughout the coming year!
We have recently attended the Telford & Wrekin Moving Forward event, as a team, to discuss the plans for Recharge in the near future. We are hoping to have lots more to offer for the young people of Telford, including some new and improved groups to be running and other opportunities for young people to get involved with!
Our current groups here at Recharge continue to be well attended and we look forward to seeing familiar and new faces each week, there is always room for newcomers!

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