Highlights of our past projects

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Edge Adventure Centre!

We regularly provide day trips to The Edge Adventure Centre in Much Wenlock. Recently Recharge spent the day at The Edge Adventure Centre, everyone had an awesome time mountain boarding, sniper range shooting and doing team building activities. Thanks to the staff there for making it a great day!


We run fishing courses each season with Angling coach Jon Portman. The courses have been a great success.

We have learned a great deal of new skills, whilst having lots of fun outdoors.

Music Projects!

Over the past four years we have run numerous music projects at Recharge, the reason being music is such a good way to inspire and involve the young people we support. More recently we have run two music projects with a local award-winning Hip-Hop artist Trademark Blud, Trademark is well known on the Hip Hop scene and from Telford, he understands the issues that young people are faced with and uses his skills and knowledge to run workshops for us. Last year Trademark ran 10 music workshops for Recharge with a group of young people to write and record their very own music track, this was in conjunction with Telford hosting the acclaimed Knife Angel. The theme for the workshops was Anti Knife Crime and the effects of Knife Crime on our young people’s lives. They wrote and recorded a track called ‘End Up Like This’ which can be found on our YouTube channel here is the direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYF-ennJy74  The video was played to an audience at Alberts Shed at the launch of The Knife Angel’s arrival to Southwater Square February last year 2020 and was also used as part of the ongoing danger of knife crime awareness and played to hundreds of local school children. Trademark has a passion and dedication to music and working with vulnerable groups to give them a platform to express their creativity, our group members got so much from being part of these workshops and we shall definitely be hosting more of these in the future.

Knife – Angel Music and Art Project!

Our Knife Angel Music and Graffiti Art project which began this month is a 10-week programme for young people to work alongside ourselves, New Generation Coaching, local award-winning Hip-Hop artist Trademark Blud and graffiti artist, Monermah. The project is about raising awareness of knife crime and the impact it has on young people’s lives. It is running in line with the arrival of the Knife – Angel in Southwater in March this year and continues throughout March. The project involves, graffiti art, music, video and editing, performing and Youtube. Workshops are currently running and open to anyone aged between 12 – 21 with an interest in this area.

Knife – Angel Launch Day!

March 29th 2020, Southwater Telford.

On Saturday 29th March, people from all over Telford gathered in Southwater to celebrate the arrival of the Knife – Angel, which was created by Alfie Bradley at the Ironworks centre in Oswestry. The day saw performances from the likes of choirs, a steel band and Trademark Blud. As part of our Music and Graffiti art project we had running through January and February, Recharge attended this launch. Our graffiti art boards and our produced music track was launched in Albert’s Shed. This saw a number of people come together to see our artwork and our music video and listen to the track for the first time.