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Has using drugs or alcohol become a problem? did it used to be fun now you find yourself needing it more and more ? do you use because it helps you to cope now you rely on it when you feel sad or anxious or stressed ?

At Recharge we offer a safe confidential space to talk about how this is affecting your life, our trained volunteer Mentors have been through similar struggles in their life and have found new ways to cope, they understand how difficult it can be.

We are not here to judge you only to offer to help you find ways to cope that work for you.

We also can support you if you live with or have a close family member who has issues with addiction, we understand how stressful this can be and the impact it has on you.

We do have a safe guarding policy which means that if you tell us you or another young person is at risk of harm we will contact Telford and Wrekin safeguarding team, this will be explained to you when you come to see us if you decide you would like support.

We have different things on offer like counseling, mentoring and activities, referring yourself is easy you can give us a call or email us, the contact details are on this website on the contact page.

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