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If you have concerns about your son / daughter or young person you care for concerning substance use or other addictive behaviors feel free to give us a call.

We are here to listen, offer support for your young person or sign post to other organizations too if needed.

Our remit is to work with 12 to 21 year olds who have issues with substance use and alcohol, living with a close family member who has addiction issues.

We do not work with smoking or vaping issues.

We are a confidential service which means if your son or daughter wishes to have support from us we won’t disclose what is discussed in support sessions, however you can be assured operate within the Telford and Wrekin safe guarding framework and it is our duty to keep them safe.

Referral is easy and has to be with the young persons consent, we will email you a referral form upon request once completed we will offer an appointment.

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