Recovery Month 2019

What does it mean to be in recovery?

‘Recovery means living a life that is no longer impacted by old trauma and pain.’

September is national recovery month and 2019 brings the 30th anniversary. This is a month filled with celebrations, recognition and raising awareness. This national event is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The theme for this year’s recovery month is:

‘Join the voices of recovery: Together we are stronger’

The aim of having a whole month dedicated to recovery is to, reduce stigma, to show that people CAN and DO recover, to show recognition to those who have overcome their trauma and pain and are on their journey of recovery and to raise awareness of the support that is out there. There are events held in different areas nationally, such as recovery walks, they are held to raise awareness and to celebrate the success of so many individuals who work so hard to achieve their goals and begin their journey into recovery. National Recovery month is also held in remembrance of all those who sadly are no longer with us due to their own struggles with addiction. 

Here in Telford we are proud of our award-winning recovery community, working alongside other organisations such as, TACT, Telford Stars, A Better Tomorrow and Willowdene. We are looking forward to attending the Telford Recovery Conference, which is held annually, this Wednesday. Where we will join with all other services in Telford and Wrekin along with service users and group members. These individuals are given the opportunity to share their truly inspirational journeys with us. As professionals we are pleased to be able to reward our service users for their outstanding commitment.

It truly is a day we look forward to, with emotions running high we can come together with like-minded people and celebrate what can be achieved when we work together and support each other.  We can showcase the positive work that we do, collectively, to reach our desired outcomes. The first recovery conference I attended, 2 years ago, had me in tears with some of the inspirational and emotional journeys that people have been on. I am honestly so proud to be a part of this community, we are a group of supporters, we are a fellowship, we all have similar but at the same time, very different stories to tell and I cannot wait to hear some new ones to be told this year.

 Recovery IS possible and right here in our community……

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