Learning something new – especially because you want to – is a great way to improve your mood and personal well-being.

Trying something new can provide a sense of achievement therefore enhancing self-esteem and confidence. Some skills and hobbies will require social interaction and connecting with others which is another way to personal well-being.


Be creative with what you learn and do something you enjoy. You might:


– Learn to play an instrument

– Learn a new language

– Take up a new hobby

– Take a class e.g cooking

– Take up a sport (which is also exercise – another way to personal well-being)


However, you don’t need to learn a completely new skill in order to still learn. Why not:


– Read a book

– Watch/read the news

– Do a crossword

– Learn a new word

– Take on a bit more responsibility at work.


Pinterest and Youtube are great sites to check to find creative projects, DIYs and tutorials that you can try or get inspiration from.

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