Exercise is great for your physical fitness as well as your personal well-being. Scientists have proven there is a link and that physical fitness can improve well-being in a number of ways. Physical activity can help with depression and anxiety because it is thought that it changes chemicals in the brain that can positively change your mood. Being active can also improve well-being because it can bring about greater self-esteem.


Find something that you enjoy, for example:


– Take up a sport

– Go for a walk/run/cycle

– Join an exercise class (aerobics, pilates, zumba)

– Join a gym


However, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to be able to stay active there are plenty of

activities that you can do in everyday life:


– Take the stairs instead of the lift

– Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way

– Stretch before work

– Find a parking spot further away


So find an activity that you enjoy, make it apart of your life and start improving your personal well-being.

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